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Thank You from the
34th DASC General Conference Chair!

Greetings to all 34th DASC participants.  It is with more than a little sadness that I sit here and write my last message to all of you.  Let me begin with my sincerest thanks to all 34th DASC Participants for making our very first International DASC a tremendous success.  We exceeded every metric we planned and feedback was entirely positive.  Building upon this success, our Executive Committee has decided to return to Europe in 2018!  Please make sure to take the conference survey and let me know where you want to go next.  But before we transition our website to the 35th DASC, please allow me to share with you my proudest moments of the conference.

First and foremost, the experience of working with my Conference Committee will be one of my most valued memories.  We had so many challenges to overcome related to budget and location.  They stepped up to increased workload from the start and came up with creative ways to deal with planning a conference over 4,000 miles away and they kept me motivated.  Their dedication took us to the top!  And a big shout-out to Dr. Pavel Paces and his eight students who helped us through-out the week.  It is always great to see young people at our conferences.

Our Keynote Speaker and Executive Plenary really wowed me.  They were fully engaged in the conference theme of “Impact of Global Mandates on Avionics Research and Development” and incorporated enough differing opinions combined with humor to set a pleasant atmosphere for collaborative discussions for the rest of the week.  Our technical authors and presenters continued the momentum providing the latest research on safe and efficient air operations amid new requirements as new vehicles and technologies impact the global airspace.

We tried new things that I am proud of.  Dr. Janet Kavandi and Dr. George Ponchak visited the Czech Technical Institute to present and engage students in Aerospace careers.  Several evening events were added to increase the attendee’s opportunities to fully experience Prague without missing any time at the conference.  The conference welcome at U Fleků, the concert at the Klementinum, the Awards Banquet at Francouzská Restaurace and the day trip to Cesky Krumlov are hopefully wonderful memories for you also.

As I close, I want to thank our Conference Sponsors one last time; they were tremendous providing much appreciated financial support.  I want to thank my own organization, NASA, for allowing me to pursue this great adventure.  As the season changes from DASC to Autumn, I am busy catching up on writing my own technical papers and can’t wait to reconnect with all of you at next year’s 35th DASC in Sacramento.




Denise Ponchak
34th DASC General Chair

Final Status of Papers Now Available!

The final Status of Papers is now availble online. All papers, except those highlighted in red, will be published on the Proceedings CD and the IEEE Explore data base.

If your paper is highlighted in red, please contact the Pub Editor or your paper may not be published at all.

Updated Track/Session Assignments

In order to accommodate many of our authors, we have had to rearrange some Tracks/Sessions. Authors please review the agenda to be sure of your room assignment and date/time of your presentation. Thank you for your understanding.

Finally, if you are unable to attend the conference to present your paper please let us know as soon as possible in deference to the other attendees.

Paper Upload Form Now Online!

We are pleased to announce that the Paper Upload Form is now available online. Authors are encouraged to upload their final papers as soon as possible rather than wait until the August 13th deadline.

Any changes to the Title and/or Authors will take precedence over the abstract submission.

In addition a Status of Papers link is now available online. Authors can check the status of papers received, registration paid, signed copyright forms recieved, and eventually presentations received. All of these requirements must be met, along with an author presenting the paper at the Conference, in order for the paper to be published in the DASC CD Proceedings or in the IEEE Explore data base.

Finally, authors can determine the date, time, and room currently assigned to your paper using your Abstract Number and the following Agenda link. Remember that all of this information is subject to change so keep checking our Web site for updated information.

The 34th DASC is proud to announce this year's Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Janet L. Kavandi, Astronaut and Deputy Director
National Aeronautics and Space Administration's
Glenn Research Center

Executive Plenary Panel:
Mr. Pierre Andribet – EUROCONTROL, Head of R&D and SESAR Contribution
Ms. Michele Merkle – FAA, Director of NAS Systems Engineering and Integration Services
Prof. Dr. Dirk Kügler – DLR, Director of the Institute of Flight Guidance
Dr. John Cavolowsky – NASA, Airspace Operations and Safety Program
Mr. Patrick Lelievre – Airbus, Head of ATM Development & SESAR Aircraft
Mr. Stephane Marche – Honeywell, Chief Avionics Architect/Honeywell Advanced Technology
    Organization in Europe
Dr. Chip Meserole – Boeing, Director of Airspace and Operational Efficiency

DASC Special Events Announcement

Conference Welcome at U Fleků Brewery
Masters of Classical Music at the Klementinum (Optional)
Awards Dinner at Francouzská Restaurace
Day Trip to Český Krumlov (Optional)

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