Opening Keynote & Panel

Tuesday, September 25
8:00 AM

Be sure to attend the Opening Session, where a Keynote Speaker and Panelists will address the Conference Theme, "Intelligent Automation and Autonomy for a safe and secure Air Transport System."

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Guy André Boy, Ph.D.
Fellow, Air and Space Academy
President of the Science Board, ESTIA

Opening Panelists        
  • Dr. Dirk Kügler/DLR, Director of Flight Guidance
  • Dr. Ratan Khatwa, Senior Chief Engineer – Human Factors
  • Dr. Pierre Andribet, EUROCONTROL, Head of R&D and SESAR
  • Dr. John Cavolowsky, NASA Headquarters
  • Dr. Chip Meserole, Boeing
  • Dr. Danette Allen, NASA Langley Research Center (tentative)

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